About Us

The mission of the museum has been to acquire, preserve, and interpret items from or related to Mills County that have historical significance to the residents and visitors of the county.

The Mills County Historical Museum is managed by a board of directors. For 2021, the officers are Don Kissire, president; Linda Johnson, vice-president; Carolyn Vasquez, secretary; and C.T. (Tommy) Head, treasurer. The other board members are Brenda Brooks, Ramona Flores, Brandon Grebe, Leslie Hammond, Rose Lee Head, Wayne Ketchum, James Knight, Jill Shillings, Gayle Smith, and Brian Whitt. Sylvia Bindel serves on the Advisory Board.

The majority of the exhibit work done on behalf of the Mills County Historical Museum has been completed by volunteers. We are dedicated to protecting and showcasing the collection on behalf of the community members who donated artifacts relevant to the history of Mills County.